A streamlined, integrated approach to cross-channel marketing


Say hello to the latest in multi-channel marketing. Say hello to PostaLink.

Expanding on Polaris Direct‘s legacy of innovative thinking, PostaLink provides a full-service approach to direct marketing. An integrated solution that harnesses the combined power of online advertising and time-tested direct mail to maximize your marketing impact, PostaLink is designed to seamlessly track and improve the effectiveness of all your multi-channel marketing initiatives.

PostaLink bridges the gap between online and offline marketing like never before, allowing you to interact and engage with your target audience wherever they are—and on whatever channel they prefer.

Plus, PostaLink qualifies for two USPS postal promotions in 2017—the Emerging & Advanced Technology promo and the Direct Mail Starter promo—which means you could save 2-5% on eligible postage.

Better marketing. Better results. That’s the PostaLink difference.

Mail Tracking
Online Ads
Call Tracking
Better Marketing. Better Results.

How It Works

PostaLink gives you the ability to combine your direct mail with mail tracking, online follow-up, and call tracking to supercharge your marketing.

Mail Tracking

Mail Tracking
Prepare for customer response and trigger perfectly timed follow-up campaigns by tracking when mail arrives in-home. Using a logic-based programming system and mail tracking barcode (IMb), PostaLink predicts exactly when your mail will hit mailboxes—so you’re always ready for response.

Log in to your customized PostaLink portal any time to track the status of your mailing.

Online Ad Follow-Up

Online Follow-up
Never abandon a lead again. According to Google Analytics, 96% of interested prospects leave a website without making a purchase. Through our partnership with Google, ads that mimic the look and feel of your direct mail piece automatically follow prospects who visit your website but leave without converting, keeping leads warm until they are ready to buy.

Find out how many times your ad has been displayed and acted on with a simple click of the mouse.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking
Analyze campaign results by monitoring the inbound calls generated by your mailing. Calls made to a unique, campaign-specific phone number are recorded and tracked through call tracking software. Use this data to determine the effectiveness of different strategies and marketing messages.

Log in to your portal at any time to see how many calls your campaign is generating and listen to recorded incoming calls to check for quality.

Postalink in Action

For more information on how to maximize your marketing impact, watch this video or call our Strategic Marketing Services team at 603.626.5800


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WBENC CertifiedPolaris Direct is a full-service lettershop and printing company specializing in high-volume direct marketing campaigns. From mail and call tracking to online ad follow-up, we are proud to offer PostaLink as a solution for all your multi-channel marketing needs.

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